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2017 G3 Sportsman 19

2017 G3 Sportsman 19 Walkthrough

The 2017 G3 Sportsman 19 Camo has the deck space, storage and layout to become one of the most sought after models by enthusiastic anglers everywhere. This is one boat that exceeds expectations from the start, as it measures a substantial 19′ 10” in overall length. The plus-sized front deck, with a beam of 92”, allows freedom of movement; enough to dance with your next “great catch” from gunnel to gunnel. The new Sportsman 19 Camo is a complete package that will define success for many fishermen for years to come.

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Sportsman 19 Camo Standard Package:

All-welded .100 gauge wide-body hull ♦ Painted Mossy Oak® with Tuff Coat™ spray-in liner  ♦ Precision fit, powder-coated 3” tubular steel Trail Guard® trailer w/ locking detachable tongue, space saving and security ♦ 14” radial tires w/ aluminum wheels ♦ Minn Kota® Maxxum® 70 lb., 24 volt trolling motor ♦ Garmin® Striker™ 5 color GPS fishfinder w/ Down Vu™ ♦  Bow mounted Garmin® Striker™ 4 color fishfinder w/ GPS

Sportsman 19 Camo Quick Specs:
Length: 19’10”
Beam: 92″
Package Length: 24’10”
Max HP: 150
Fuel Capacity: 21 G.
Livewell Dimensions: 15″x45″ 33 G.
Color Options: Mossy Oak
Shadow Grass®
or Break-Up®
Sportsman 19 Camo

Rad Power Bike Review

Rad Power Bikes for Hunting

Electric bikes are all the buzz in the outdoor industry. Just walking out of the Pacific Northwest Sportsman show, with my Rad power bike in tow. I couldn’t walk more that an aisle without someone stopping me and asking me about the Rad power bike. The number one question I would get is “How Much?” and each time I would respond with $1,500.00-I got a surprised response. “That’s it?” I figured it would be more. Not with these bad boys. You get all of the positives that come with a bike such as the Rambo fat tire bike. Without the heavy price tag. Here are some of the reasons beyond a great price point, that I love my Rad Power Bike.

These bikes are built to be used. And used hard. The frame is made of lightweight 6061 aluminum. Matched with a big bouncy Kenda Fatbike tires and a heavy duty front suspension. It can handle any of the rough logging roads you’ll face in the backcountry. We all know that these logging roads can have some serious downhill grades to them. Which is why I love having the front and rear Tektro brakes to provide good stopping power in mud and rock.

Electric Hunting Bike

Battery Powered

The specialty is battery and electric motor technology and Rad understand’s you want to commute to and from work, climb hills, stand-your-own in traffic and get to your destination faster. They have what you want and it’s 48 volts and 750 watts of clean power.

48 volts and 750 watts of power results in an electric fat bike capable of tackling terrain and going the distance unlike the lower power and voltage options on the market.

Unlike more common electric bikes with low capacity 36 volt batteries, we splurged on the RadRover battery packs because we know that this is the single most important component of any electric bike. The Samsung 48 volt 11.6 Ah battery packs a punch, and has the capacity and range to be there for you when you need it most at the end of a long ride. At only 7 pounds this is one of the lightest and most energy dense battery packs ever supplied on an electric bike. Combine that with the external battery meter, USB accessory charger, and easy removal for charging and transport, and you have got a feature rich battery pack you can depend on.

Rad Power Bike Info

  • Powerful 750w geared hub motor
  • 48v 11.6Ah Panasonic lithium ion battery rated for 800 charge cycles
  • 20mph top speed
  • Half twist throttle and intelligent 5 level pedal assist
  • Full LCD display including speedometer, wattmeter, and odometer
  • Integrated headlight
  • Front suspension fork with rebound adjustment and lockout
  • 7 speed Shimano drivetrain
  • Tektro Mechanical disk brakes
  • 26’’x4’’ / 660.4mmx10.16cm Kenda Juggernaut fat bike tires

Watch Rad Rover Power Bike in action

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Short Clip | H&H Outfitters

We set out to see if this new H&H Outfitters hat would be our new lucky hat. Turns out-the H&H Bass Fishing Trucker style hat looks good but on this particular day. It couldn’t help me boat this big Smallmouth Bass. But there’s always next time! Checkout the new video intro and elements added to the video! Let us know what you think.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing the Willamette River

New Megabass at I-Cast 2016

Some of the new products from Megabass in 2016

Every year companies release their new products at I-Cast. Some years companies release one big featured product that absorbs a lot of attention. Others release a lineup of new products that all require individual attention. Megabass had something for everyone this year at I-Cast. Checkout some of the new lures released my Megabass this year.

Pop Darter I-Loud

Megabass Pop Darter I-loud

Showcasing Megabass’ patent-pending Rudder Action Balancer system, the Megabass I-Loud Propbait delivers devastating topwater action that lives up to its name. Designed by ITO Engineering, the Megabass I-Loud Propbait emits a resounding “knock” as it throws its weight from side-to-side, creating a strong sonic presence and helping to power the action of its jointed body.

At the rear, the Megabass I-Loud Propbait is fitted with a premium prop blade that adds another level of lively sound and leaves a bubble trace along the retrieve line. With a large profile, and even larger sound, the Megabass I-Loud represents an aggressive approach to activate the feeding modes of dormant monsters and trigger explosive bites.

Megabass Length Weight Class
I-Loud Propbait 4″ 1oz Topwater

Mag Slowl 5 , 7 , 9 InchMag Slowl 5 inch

The Megabass Magslowl Swimbait

Built to be the ultimate slow-retrieve swimbait, the Megabass Magslowl Swimbait has been custom-built to attract predators with a lifelike design and a sultry tail kick that is second-to-none. Unlike its cousin, the Magdraft, the Megabass Magslowl Swimbait’s head action is intended to stay still, concentrating action in the thin, shapely tail section.

The softer, tapered tail material activates with the slightest movement, undulating side-to-side with an extremely natural and realistic swimming action. Softer material is key for slower retrieves and colder water, making the Megabass Magslowl an ideal match for large, lethargic predators.

Internally, the Megabass Magslowl Swimbait is fitted with a neodymium magnet that secures the hook in place and acts as a stabilizer to produces a more naturalized action. Additionally, long, hand-tied feathers add an extra element of visual appeal. Offered in a range of highly developed colors, the Megabass Magslowl Swimbait is custom built to crawl at the slowest speeds, appealing to leisurely moving lunkers.

Megabass Length Weight
Magslowl 5″ 7/8oz
Magslowl 7″ 1-1/4oz
Magslowl 9″ 3-1/4oz

Megabass KanataMegabass Kanata

Megabass Kanata

Tempting fish that are keyed-in on larger bait, the Megabass Kanata Jerkbait offers a large, attention-grabbing 6-1/3” profile with the action the match. Built with finely tuned flat sides, the Megabass Kanata Jerkbait produces a monstrous flash, whether it is burned over grass beds or worked like a traditional jerkbait.

Moving through the water with minimal resistance thanks to its streamlined body, the Megabass Kanata Jerkbatit allows for a fast, action-packed retrieve that will not put undue stress on your wrist or forearm. Sharp rod work fuels an energetic darting action, kicking side-to-side with huge water displacement and less forward travel than an Ito Vision 110. On the pause, the Megabass Kanata Jerkbait lifts its head and rises, adding a unique action to the mix.

Engineered with an aerodynamic form and custom-fitted with triple-oscillating tungsten balancers, the Megabass Kanata Jerkbait delivers long-distance casts with minimal effort. Offered in a number of highly detailed colors, the Megabass Kanata Jerkbait brings a new size and sensation to the jerkbait game.

Megabass Length Weight Class
Kanata Jerkbait 6-1/3″ 1oz Slow-floating

The KnuckleMegabass Knuckle

The initial offering in the Project Legend LD series, the Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbait was custom-tuned at the hands of Yuki Ito to tackle the toughest fishing conditions. Based off of the wildly successful Megabass Knuckle Squarebill, the Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbait is fitted with an ultra thin circuit board lip, which delivers a high-pitch wobble and a seductive rolling action.

Incredibly effective around pressured fish, the Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbait features an intricate balancer system that is secured from multiple angles to achieve a truly silent approach. Underneath the chin, the Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbait incorporates a swivel to increase the hook-up ratio and keep fish from throwing the hook during the fight. Offered in a variety of detailed colors, the Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbait delivers situation-specific design that is aimed at spooky and highly pressured bass.

Megabass Length Weight Class
Knuckle LD Crankbait 2-1/3″ 3/8oz Floating

Megabass Funky Flipper

Megabass Funky Flipper

Custom-designed to produce a high-impact waking action across all retrieve speeds, the Megabass Funky Flipper delivers a twisting body action that draws aggressive strikes.  With the rod tip high, the Megabass Funky Flipper moves across the surface pushing water and grabbing the attention of nearby bass with an alluring wake. Drop the rod tip or speed up your retrieve and the Megabass Funky Flipper dives down to 6-inches, staying in the optimal subsurface range to target large flats and submerged weed beds.
Along the belly, the Megabass Funky Flipper is fitted with recessed hook hanger to encourage a better hook-up ration and reduce fouling. Internally, the Megabass Funky Flipper is fitted with a horizontally aligned neon core plate, which creates a one-of-a-kind flicker. Offered in a number of tournament-winning colors, the Megabass Funky Flipper delivers a devastating wake and a finely tuned action that will find a permanent home in your crankbait arsenal.

Megabass Length Weight Class
Funky Flipper 2-1/3″ 1/2oz Floating

See them in action

Here’s some vivid underwater video of new Megabass lures featured at ICAST, specifically the i-LOUD prop/wake bait, MAGSLOWL swimbait, KANATA jerkbait, and Dog-X Diamante walking topwater.

1) i-LOUD:…
4) Dox-X Diamante:…

2015-16 Highlights

I have been extremely blessed to have experienced what I have in the outdoors the past two years in the Pacific Northwest. The PNW offers a wide range of opportunity for any outdoorsman. Between hunting and fishing you never have an off season.

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